11 Things Every AIESECer Will Relate To

Everybody needs an AIESEC experience at least once in their life. Challenge yourself, set standards for yourself and contribute to making the world a better place.


If you started reading this article, it only means one of the two things: either you are someone who has heard of AIESEC and now willing to discover what is behind this word, or you are an AIESECer. If you belong to the first category, you can continue reading (I would love you to do so), but you can only get the real knowledge from here. If you belong to the second category, keep reading. There is no going back my friend.

There is only a billion thing only AIESECers will understand, here is a small selection of the major ones:

 1- Roll Calls:

If you are not an AIESECer, or if you are willing to join AIESEC sometime soon, please do not panic at the beginning of your first conferences. Whatever they are doing on stage is called roll calls. Roll Calls are the first thing that will get you out of your comfort zone in AIESEC. You will judge everyone at first then you will suddenly find yourself dancing your heart out along.


This is probably a question you get to ask yourself a lot during an AIESEC term. Disclaimer: you will probably not find the most convincing answers on the spot. Just remind yourself that you started all of this for a reason, and it is okay to question everything at a certain point, but never quit.

3- Sleep? I have heard of it somewhere but never experienced it. Tell me more about it

If you are part of the executive board, the national board or even the organizing committee, you will definitely know what I am talking about. Trust me, AIESECers can go without sleep for almost a week. How do they deal with it? Roll Calls

4- Logically speaking, a human being can travel to four cities all in one day. Don’t make AIESECers prove it, because they will

Marrakech in the morning, Ifrane for brunch, Casablanca in the evening passing by Fez and Kenitra at night then go to Rabat? Easy!

5- Can I have that Turkey bracelet in exchange for my kidney?

Not even in your sweetest dreams my friend. Keep your kidney for yourself

6- How do you handle school, social life, other things and AIESEC ?

Stop asking AIESECers this question, they don’t know the answer, they just do it.

7- So, what do you do in AIESEC apart from dancing and wasting time?

meeting people from all around Morocco and the world, helping young leaders become the best version of themselves, activating leadership, striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential, placing confidence in youth, acting sustainably, striving for excellence … oh but hey! Don’t mind that. Focus on dancing

8- You took a gap year to do AIESEC, you must be crazy

No! you must love and be passionate about what you do so much to a point that you are ready enough to make your “own” priorities.

9- School is very important, AIESEC is useless:

I totally agree! Who needs problem solving skills or teamwork in their life? Everybody needs differential equations, dynamical systems, linear Algebra and calcul-useless! I always need them to save myself in critical situations.

10- All the fights, the misunderstandings, the tears, the “I promise I will quit” behind the “Successful EB Meeting Done” story on Instagram:

Your Executive Board members are the ones with whom you will go through so many ups and downs. The ones you will feel like killing most of the time, but they are the strongest support system you will ever have during your AIESEC journey

11- Since you started AIESEC, you lost all your friends:

Oh really? Wait until you see the national plenary

Unlike the rest, AIESECers don’t whine about the world’s problems. AIESECers know that there is a problem and look for solutions. Everybody needs an AIESEC experience at least once in their life. Challenge yourself, set standards for yourself and contribute to making the world a better place. Your journey will certainly not be easy, but God only knows how much you will learn, how many friends you will make, how proud you will be and how many bracelets you will win (You will keep your kidneys don’t worry!)

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Oumaima Maliki
Senior year in college. Passionate traveler and sushi lover. Big fan of Rupi Kaur and Nayyirah Waheed. Writing in the hope of publishing a book in the future. I love collecting souvenirs from every country I visit and I never watched an episode of game of thrones :)


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