2018 HIGHLIGHTS: At least we’ve got Football :)

2018 highlights

« 2018 has been the year of … »

That’s how I wanted to start this article, but when I looked into google for this year’s salient events, the results that pooped-up were pretty devastating. But luckily for me –we’re yet to decide how lucky-, there was an article titled « 9 Positive Things That Have Happened In 2018 ». It was the only one that shed lights on the full half of the cup –or so I thought.

Some of the so-called positive things were: « Black Panther Movie », « Co-workers Surprising Single Dad », « Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Performance », « Kylie Jenner’s Baby Revealing », « This Dog » … (p.s: « This Dog » was an independent event.) Don’t worry. WHO AM I TO INSULT DOGS ANYWAYS? Besides, I don’t even know who Kylie Jenner is, or what she does for a living, or why the f*** people would be interested in her baby revealing!

The minutes spent on that article were a total waste, but that was traffic generated to the website owner –who will thank the article publisher, whom I think got the title to his article wrong, for doing a great job.

This year’s highlights according to google are so not how I would like to summarize my year. Luckily for me, and for all of us football fans, this year has been the year of pure football. Almost all the champions league games were ones to remember; the tight draws, the hilarious comebacks, and the teams that rose out of nowhere.

Similar to last year, there was an Italian team in the semi-final, but unlike last year, it wasn’t Juventus. This time it was Roma that carried the torch and fought for the only wish that Totti couldn’t grant them. But they still had the Romans’ spirit on the pitch, embodied in De Rossi’s brassard. The Italians have demonstrated a great ability to turn every single game into a battle. Not only did they manage to turn the tables around on the Champions League’s favorite, Barcelona, they did it without the referees’ assistance! If Italy pull a similar performance in Russia’s 2018 world cup, nothing will stop in their way to the podium. Oops, they haven’t even qualified!

Speaking of the World Cup, this year’s competition pays no respect to the so-called big teams. No team enters the pitch as favorites, and almost no gambler’s bet is a safe one. (No, that’s just me trying to justify my defeat to my female cousin in a betting app). The group stage phase is a highly entertaining one and is raining with spectacular goals…. To be continued.

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