2019 may be THE year, who knows?


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This year has been sad to you? You lost friends, family, lovers? You didn’t achieve things you fixed at this same moment last year? Take it positively! Because you surely learned a lot of things through it. And you still have years ahead of you to make it better.

Start by loving and respecting yourself, by opening up to the world. Read more and travel as much as you can.

As I look back through my 2018, I feel so grateful about what I had the occasion to experience, the people I had to meet, and the effective change I obliged myself to make. So believe me, it is so much easier than you might think.

Start by planning your year. Do you want to live a life-changing experience? Go on a volunteering experience. Have you ever heard about AIESEC? Well, I am telling you that it may be one of the best things that can happen to you. Choose a country that you can afford (flight ticket, pocket money), and ask yourself if you want to go and volunteer there, and start the procedure, the AIESEC in your region will definitely help you.

As a first step, sign-in into the website, choose the opportunities that suit you the most, apply and wait for the answer, and then you will have to pass some interviews with the host-AIESEC. Then, if you get accepted, get ready for the best experience of your life. (I SWEAR TO GOD !).

It took me so long to write about this since I came back from my experience in September 2018, because I was still mind-living in the past. After a full and boring year that was 2017, I decided to make 2018 better, and I believed in the Tumblr cliché that was « New year new me shit ». Most people joke about it, but that’s because they don’t take their life in hand, and they stay in their comfort zone. Plus, they don’t really try to be a new brand person full of new dreams and goals. 🙁

Well, let’s go back to the AIESEC experience I was speaking about, at first you may be among the people who will be afraid of the unknown, wondering how it is going to be, not trusting it until it really happens. For my part, it wasn’t the case, I WAS FUCKING EXCITED about it since the day I got accepted.

Once there, it didn’t take me much time to melt into the environment, I had the chance to meet people from 14 nationalities, can you imagine that? Now, I have friends, NO SORRY, FAMILY in each country. Each one of those people has a special place in my heart. We shared plenty of memories, we traveled to 7 cities together, did special activities, had fun, laughed, cried, went on adventure…they were all good-living people, willing to have the greatest experience of all.

Another thing that you can do in the traveling optic is choosing a group of friends and travel somewhere together, just in Morocco, you will get to know each other better. Choose a good destination (I recommend Essaouira or Chefchaouen), and book a place in a hostel and GO! The experience in a hostel is very unique, because you will get to stay together in the same room even if you are a big group, and you will have the chance to meet travelers from all over the world -people that came a long way to discover the beauty of your country-. You will talk about Morocco, about places, about life and you will get to play cards and have a cup of tea or coffee together. Exchange your Instagram accounts, and you will stay in touch. It’s a very good occasion to open up to new cultures while staying in Morocco.

Finally, I want you to read more, because it will make you travel through time and space while you are in your comfortable bed, at your parents’ house.

Those were some tips for a new year !

Because NEW YEAR NEW YOU no matter what they say, we don’t care.

Happy new year 2019 peeps !

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Hasnaa Azmani

21 ans, Etudiante en Marketing à l’Ecole Nationale de Commerce et Gestion de Settat. Bibliophile, mélomane et rêveuse.


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