3 Reasons That Prove That Germany’s Disqualification in the World Cup Wasn’t a Surprise

germany defeat in the world cup

Full Time: South Korea 2-0 Germany 

« Die Nationalmannschaft ist aus dem Weltcup-Wettbewerb ausgeschieden »

You had a hard time pronouncing the last sentence? Don’t worry, it’s just German -or, Deutsch, as German speakers, whom I bet are having a harder time dealing with defeat, like to call it. However, it means: « The National Team is knocked out of the world-cup ». Incomplete, isn’t it? Isn’t it weird how the whole world calls them the « Nationalmannschaft », while all that this expressions means is National Team? Are they the only nation that has a selection of footballers?

But that’s not the point of writing this article -as if I have ever stuck to a point. The point is, the Deutsch Nationalmannschaft, who had won the last world-cup and confederations cup, have now exited the world cup after losing to South Korea and bottoming a relatively easy group! And that is enough of a problem for Fifa, and enough to make me believe that miracles, had they ever existed, didn’t cease to.

But how did that happen?

  • The theory of the title contender

Thanks to Korea’s two late goals, and to the referee’s good use of the VAR –since many referees either insist on wrong decisions or choose to ignore technology when it comes to the underdogs, it is now proven that  whoever wins the world cup is doomed to get knocked out in the next competition’s group stage. 

After Italy 2010, Spain 2014, today’s Germany walked out the pitch with whatever that was left of their dignity to become the third consecutive champions to exit at group stage. 

  • Dropping Leroy Sané out of the squad for Marco Reus

Yes, we all love Marco Reus, and we all voted to see him wearing his usual smile and Borussia Dortmund’s strip in Fifa 17 cover. We all felt sad to see him leaving the pitch only a few days before the 2014 world cup’s kick off after his plastic legs had injured themselves. But ever since that missfortune, the 29 years old wingman hasn’t got much game time. 


On the other hand, one year later, Schalke’s youngster Leroy Sané made Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas and Luka Modrić look like walking jokes in his first game in the Bernabeu. He was, doubtlessly, going to become Germany’s new sensation, and that earned him a cash fattening move to UAE’s Manchester City (I’m sorry, I mean England’s Man City). He’s been a constant starter for two consecutive years and has harvested every domestic title in the same period -while Marco Reus was still miserable at Dortmund and suffering to get some game time.     

But Joachim Löw, given the humanitarian coach he is, has chosen to call Reus at the expense of Sané, and has insisted on playing him in every single game in the group stage. (No wonder they haven’t qualified). But don’t you dare to blame the coach for showing bias and making a prejudiced decision. The controversial coach had a vision that Reus would lift the gold in russia. (P.S: it’s the same coach that made winning match substitute, Mario Götze, enter at extra time vs Argentina.)   

But the question is : why not sacrifice PSG’s benchwarmer, Julian-impotent-Draxler ? 

  • The world cup is in Russia 

Okay, this one is a little bit superstitious -as if the others weren’t, but I have grown to believe that history always tends to repeat itself. Back in 1939, Germany went to the World War with the advantage of a very large, very well-trained, and very well-equipped army. One-on-one, they could almost certainly have defeated any other country in the world, but the battle lost in Stalingrad, Russia, in 1941 turned the tables around on the Germans and cost them the whole war.

Germany’s best hope of winning the World War was a rapid knock-out blow, destroying their enemies’ armies quickly and then forcing a peace. But none of this happened in Russia 79 years ago, nor did it manage to occur 4 days ago against South Korea in the World Cup.





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