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They say: “The grave itself is but a covered bridge, leading from light to light, through a brief darkness.” I’m not sure what I believe but I sure do hope that is true.

Seeing the people that we love leave scars us in an indelible way, as the enormity of loss and sorrow awakens in our hearts a cry for permanence. When faced with the painful departure of a person we so dearly held in our hearts, we then start thinking about them every moment we cast our eyes to the stars on velvety nights, carrying them with us upon the tides of the mind, through every sunset, every blue sky, every summer rain.

Isn’t it frightening how easy it is to get caught in the clutter and chaos? We all so easily tend to make the same mistake no matter how present in the moment and conscious we might think we are. Let’s be honest, don’t we all think we have all the time we need? Don’t we already have plans for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

Well, isn’t that foolish?! Time waits for no one. Every moment is fleeting as each second passing by is a second long gone. The binding truth is that time is immutable. It exists and expires, indifferent to us, moving unendingly towards infinite tomorrows, though these tomorrows might not be guaranteed for us, as life is but a haze that quickly vanishes, a petal in the wind softly flowing by. Nothing more and nothing less.

As sad as that thought may be, life is also a continual chain; as some lives come to an end, new ones blossom. That’s the circle of life.

So, please, let’s not worry too much about anything. Our existence is too short and precious for us to be anything but happy. Haven’t we all have blundered and stumbled at some point? I’m sure we all have. But eventually everything fades away, what matters in the end is how strongly we have loved and lived.

Let’s live in thankfulness for the air we have in our lungs, smiling and laughing like the careless children we used to be one day; hopeful, affectionate and resilient.

As they say: there are only two days in a year that we have no control over: Yesterday and tomorrow. As for today, it is a beautiful day, so let’s live it and be grateful.

To all those who are gone way too soon. May you all rest in peace. Rest assured of the fact that you might be gone but you will never be forgotten. Your legacy lives on in the memory of the living. So hopefully, the overwhelming pain of departures shall subside to let the beauty of love shared, linger in our hearts forever.
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Imane Rahj

Imane Rahj is a Professor at ENCG Casa where she currently teaches financial analysis and accounting. At the age of 17, with her baccalaureate in her pocket, she joined ISCAE where she later got her masters degree in Audit followed by another Masters Degree in Finance from Neoma Business School. She then enrolled in the doctoral school of ISCAE where she received a PHD in Finance, all the while working as a Financial analyst for almost three years before resigning and finally becoming a professor; her dream job for as long as she could remember. Her research interests include financial engineering and governance as well as anything related to corporate finance. She believes in hard work, honesty, and constant change.


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