An open letter to my ex-crush(es)

«Love turns into hate, hate turns into a void we try to fill by giving it another try, with someone new, until we find our gem».

An Open Letter to my ex Crushes

To whom I confessed my love,

You’ve probably moved on with your life and found your perfect match; nevertheless, I’d like to remind you of how warm of a person you were.

I think that I mostly fell for you because you were ridiculously charming, had a playful voice, a beautiful smile, a dose of silliness, and a crazy sophisticated way of thinking.

Though troubled, you had a thirst for a better life. You set yourself goals and tried to reached them. Your dark side is not to be ignored, I mean, no one is an angel after the fall.

To me, you were more than just a person to love, you were an unsolved enigma that I felt the duty to dig further into, and unveil the mystery behind.

Some of you were mere rocks, while others blossomed into beautiful flowers and managed to open up to the world, and that was probably the best feeling ever; entrusting each other with everything without being afraid to be judged.

Truth be told, you’ve never seen a future with me, while I imagined a lifetime with you. I would have wished for a happy ending that includes us both, in the picture, but love is a vicious cycle, don’t you agree?

Love turns into hate, hate turns into a void we try to fill by giving it another try, with someone new, until we find our gem.

In fact, I was the one that gives advice but never was I the one who takes it, I don’t know, I just felt like you needed it more than I did, while the truth was that I needed it the most.

To be honest, I felt cold and two hundred centimers away from the guillotine. It was not because you did not have any true feelings for me, but rather because I never took place in your plans.

You made me feel warm, temporarily, but still, it was good, until a storm of confusing emotions and questions would strike my kingdom. It’s not like I haven’t tried to build another one, because I have tried, but each time, I had to experience the same rush of blues.

The funny thing is that I don’t usually let my guard down so easily, I was all ears, outside your lines, examining your outer invisible signs, which reminds me, I am no good sign reader.

We comforted and reassured each other, laughed and beat solitude though It was never about you and me.

You made me look at life from different perspectives and taught me a couple of things that I haven’t got the chance to use, because seriously, human beings are unique, what makes you happy, doesn’t make her happy and so on, but hey, for that I am grateful.

For a long time, I believed that what is given can be returned, but it turned out I was mistaken.

You probably already had the chance to prove me wrong, because somehow, you’re getting back what you’re giving, and for that I will await, perhaps that will occur one day, with someone I never met before, yet.

So thank you for entrusting me with your little secrets and for letting me love you with all of my heart.


A stranger

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