The Traveller’s Chronicles : A Mediterranean Sundance


Traveling…I wouldn’t trade any other life luxury for it.

My love for traveling didn’t start from yesterday as I grew up the son of a traveling man, who discovered many of world’s wonders and made of me a traveling wanderer, seeking world’s different cultures and embracing them.

After taking the bold decision of getting into the road by myself to the Catalunya county’s capital Barcelona, I packed my backpack and headed for the imperial city of Fes to reach its airport. The weather was extremely hot and dry, and I recalled that day on the 20th of July, some of Fes’s most emblematic places, especially its legendary university.

Al Karaouiyin University

Finally at the airport, I took my time to organize precisely my trip, and like we always say: « a planned trip would always turn unplanned », and this exactly what happened that day, as the plane arrived almost 2 hours late and I couldn’t reach my host place at that time at 3 A.M .

And guess what, before going through security, I helped a young woman carrying some fruits, « Lhendi » we call it here in Morocco. And that beautiful lady offered me to stay for the night at her place until the morning.
Upon our arrival to Barcelona, she drove me to the city’s oldest quarter: El Raval next to Las Ramblas, we did a past midnight tour there at night, to get used to Spanish people’s excessive partying habit, which I found as an amazing way of living especially in Barcelona.

      Las Ramblas

The day after, I decided to begin my backpacking journey starting from the gothic quarter, well known for its notorious cathedral and is one of the best quarter of street art in the world, before passing by the plaza of Espanya, the most famous meeting point of The city alongside with plaza of Catalunya.

When I finally arrived at my host place, I met two girls from San Francisco, two other girls from Melbourne in Australia, a girl from Madrid, and Leonardo from Columbia. And upon an astonishing exchange of experiences, I realized that this is the beauty of traveling by myself, exchanging experiences with other travelers and learning to build a network from it.

After going to the beach, I enjoyed Catalunya’s fresh blue water, the exciting partying atmosphere, and Catalan’s hospitality and freedom.
And it would have been pointless to go to Barcelona without visiting its most famous architectural wonders made by Antoni Gaudi, such as La Sagrada Familia, casa batllò, Casa Vicens, la Pedrera, and the amazing park güell.

  La Sagrada Familia

As a big FC Barcelona fan, I couldn’t also miss the biggest stadium in Europe: The Camp Nou, the great Blaugrana colosseum of football stadiums. But the biggest hit of my trip was finding Barcelona’s football legend and idol Ronaldinho playing his favorite game at the Nova Icaria beach and enjoying the nightlife of Barcelona.

Camp Nou

At last, I would say that Barcelona was an extremely amazing experience, a perfect one to enjoy the warmth, beauty, and greatness of the Mediterranean Sundance.

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Omar Jahfa

I’ve always thought that the gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands, to seek a worthwhile adventurous journey and to travel. Hopefully, traveling made me what I am, what I will always be, a dreamer, an adventurer, and most of all a storyteller and a blogger…


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