Believe in Change and Live a Positive Life

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Sometimes it takes the hardest pain to bring the best challenge, that is why everything you do has something to teach you, and the most important thing is converting what you got into good things, simply pain into power, weakness into strengths, threats into opportunities, misery into riches, hate into love, failures into lessons, shame into proudness, and ugliness into beauty.

Do not forget that we all have a weakness, we all have a past, but not all of us can confound them, it needs one thing, which is the THOUGHT. Because when you change the way you think, you change the way you feel, and when you change how you feel, you can change the way you act, and when you change how you act, you will change the way you live, so you can change an entire life, and it starts by changing the way you think, it starts with that THOUGHT.

Start arranging a positive vibe, a positive thought, so your mind will produce a positive energy and try to apply for a positive vision too, it is a magical formula because once you believe in an idea your subconscious starts applying it, it is a simple process that everyone should know and believe. You are what you think and what you believe, so in case you felt horrible about yourself, ashamed because of your body or your past, remember that you are consuming a huge energy for nothing, that is why I am inviting you to convert this energy into a positive ray, which will make you a better YOU.



Think positive Poketudiant

There are two kinds of people, both feel ugly and unlucky, one of them believes that he will never change this ugliness, and cares a lot about how others see him. Whatever he does he will not be the person he wants to be and believes in luck more than life. The other one believes that everything is changeable. He will tell you, look what I have been through, struggles, pain, but I know that being ugly or poor is not a shame, the shame is dying in that case, so why not turn it into something beautiful and inspiring. Throughout these two cases, we felt two types of energies, a negative one that made you think that there is no hope in life and another one that made you love this life and yourself as well.

You have to go through hell to know what heaven is, because every new level in life will demand a new you, then you should be ready to face anything, and be proud of your scares and struggles because you are this person today due to these experiences that you called them a bad luck. You should realize that people who cannot remember their past are condemned to repeat it, and to full down again and again, then why thinking about something I had, I lived, I felt, I touched, I hated or I loved? I should update myself every day because every day will need a new version of me, stronger, and better.

You can be whatever the hell you want, if you want, the decision is not related to others, money, parents, or any other major power, and please let God away, because even God wants you to move your cheeks, and start working for what you always dreamed to have and own.

Losing hope is a failure, and failure is not made by coincidence, it is a result of a habit as success, so merely we have the capacity to control our lives, if we have the desire to learn how to be happy with what we have while working for what we want, because happiness will never come to those who do not appreciate what they already have.
Positivity is not given to anyone, neither pain and whenever you feel a kind of this bad energy leave it because you do not need that kind of negativity in your life, especially toxic people, that you have to meet them where they are,

and mostly you should leave them there.
I believe that everything I had will make me a better person, I met bad people to know how it felt to be with good ones, I felt hungry to know what tasting food felt like, I felt frozen to know what feeling warm felt like, I disliked everything to know what everything felt like, because I believe that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

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Majdouline Nasrollah
Hello everyone, every lover of life, my name is Majdouline NASROLLAH, I am 21 years old, and I am here to share my thoughts. I study management at ENCG (human resources), which leads me to be talkative. So, to take advantage of my chattiness, I throw some lines whenever I get the chance. My passion doesn't end here, I am a fitness, Yoga, and a dance addict. Enjoy reading my lines passionately, and let me rock your world.


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