Believe In Yourself

Believe In yoursel by Imane Rahj

Do you ever have days where you wonder, is this all there is to it? What is my purpose? Am I ever going to find a sense of completion? Where can I find meaning? What will my legacy be?

Have you ever felt ostracized by your own people, judged, criticized or even patronized for no legitimate reason?
I have. And in those particular moments, the first thing that always fleets through my mind is to automatically think about quitting; “this is just too hard, too painful, what have I done to deserve this? How much more could I take?” Isn’t that right?

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But that’s a learned behavior, as deep inside of me, I know, at the end of the day that I am a fighter, a warrior. And no, I am not just a survivor, because you know what? I just won’t let anything or anyone knock me off course, I am just that fierce.

One thing I do realize, as time passes by, is how much having the right mindset is paramount.

Anything in life that is worthwhile is literally something you have to be willing to fight for if you want to reap the benefits for many tomorrows. And yes, it is a beautiful thing to chant motivational mantras, but still, dreaming and believing is not enough. And that’s where a lot of people fall through.

The truth is you have to work for it! You have to be willing to stand strong and sacrifice. That’s right! You need to accept the fact that you will probably be sacrificing your time, your energy, even your tears to fight. And for that, do anything in your willpower, lay one brick at a time, focus on structure and order and keep everything in perspective to make things work.

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But most of all, remember that you have to think consistent, and for that, discipline is key. There are no excuses. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you, make them happen! You want to live in service to the people surrounding you? You want to succeed in life? Well, then brace yourself and go work for it!

Also, value yourself enough so you always have high standards for yourself and others. Because if you value yourself enough, you will never embrace the idea that you can’t achieve what you’re aiming at.

If you feel like everything is going south, the first thing to do is to choose to not be a victim; that is actually the perfect time to sum up your courage and summon the will to fight with drive and passion, always reminding yourself that where you are right now is temporary; your future is still unraveling right before your eyes.

When you do that, you will soon realize that, in the grand scheme of things, the discomfort you felt dealing with life’s challenges will turn out to be infinitesimal when you put next to it the infinite possibilities you have when you’re a dreamer working your way towards your distant vision. And don’t worry, motivation is intrinsic, you already have it within you! It is not a foreign concept nor is it dichotomous, it is but a little spark nurtured by your own internal forces.

So be fearless, be confident, be a fighter, be a winner!

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Write your own story and live up to your full potential, because you know what? I’ll tell you a secret…Nothing is unattainable!

Now go and conquer the world!

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Imane Rahj

Imane Rahj is a Professor at ENCG Casa where she currently teaches financial analysis and accounting. At the age of 17, with her baccalaureate in her pocket, she joined ISCAE where she later got her masters degree in Audit followed by another Masters Degree in Finance from Neoma Business School. She then enrolled in the doctoral school of ISCAE where she received a PHD in Finance, all the while working as a Financial analyst for almost three years before resigning and finally becoming a professor; her dream job for as long as she could remember. Her research interests include financial engineering and governance as well as anything related to corporate finance. She believes in hard work, honesty, and constant change.


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