Dear year 2018, it Has Been A Pleasure

Not all the years bring you the answers you are looking for, some years come with the biggest questions you will ever encounter, and that is also fine ...

dear year 2018, it has been a pleasure

Correct! This is the time of the year when everyone is suddenly deciding to become the best version of themselves. Some of us have decided to start a healthy lifestyle this year (again), others have decided to stop chasing love and start chasing life (one more time), others have decided to finally let go of a toxic relationship (this time it’s for good, they promise) and maybe other people took a leap of faith and perhaps they will be courageous enough to pursue their dreams this upcoming year (little do they know, courage is ephemeral).

Everyone is writing their resolutions before the clock strikes midnight, everyone (me included) is very excited and optimistic about how this year will be the best year ever because yes, we are grownups and yes it is finally time for us to take our life by both hands and make something out of it.

What we usually tend to forget is that the new resolutions last for as long as we can remember them. The excitement might last few months, few weeks and for some of us (me included, again), the next day comes with everything but the new year’s resolutions in mind. I never stick to my healthy lifestyle, I go back to every conceivable toxic relationship and I even cross the line and guess what? I make even worse decisions than the last year (to spice things up in my already very … spicy life).

What we also tend to usually forget is that the new resolutions and the good habits do not have an expiration day, nor a deadline. It is true that we fancy the long list of the new year’s eve but I bet no one ever told you that waking up on a very gloomy 13th of October with the sole idea of turning your life upside down is also very good and worth the try. The challenge about those promises we fail to hold is not necessarily in their weight nor their importance, the challenge is usually associated with how empty and different your life will look like without the bad habits your body and mind got used to. 

The thing is, change does not come on a silver platter, but the change also does not happen overnight. Little by little, things start taking shape when you least expect them to do so. Little by little you start eliminating sugar, junk food and soft drinks to reach the level of « healthy » you always aspired to reach. Little by little, you learn how to wake up on no texts, and most importantly you learn how to overcome the urge of texting. Little by little, you learn how to let go of every tiny habit that made your life hell and little by little you learn how to give yourself a chance, even if it is for the 22nd, 30th or 60th time of your life.

To make long stories short, you have another year ahead of you to become a better version of yourself even if that means very small actions. You do not have that year to start it off right and to finish it complaining about everything wrong you have done, and if you fail to remember it, just like most of us, you have the year but you also have whatever is left of the year when you decide to make a move towards a better you. Not all the years bring you the answers you are looking for, some years come with the biggest questions you will ever encounter, and that is also fine, learn how to live with it.

Happy New Year, and may this year be your chance to answer some of your questions 🙂

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Oumaima Maliki
Senior year in college. Passionate traveler and sushi lover. Big fan of Rupi Kaur and Nayyirah Waheed. Writing in the hope of publishing a book in the future. I love collecting souvenirs from every country I visit and I never watched an episode of game of thrones :)


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