How to Change your Summer? Go on a Road Trip.

How to Change your Summer? Go on a Road Trip.

The sun begins to break through the thick clouds of the night sky, I can already feel its warmth on my face, no doubt it’s going to be a pretty hot day. Unconsciously I move my left hand and check my watch only to find out it’s still 5 in the morning, a long and deep yawn breaks the silence while I’m busy scratching my right eye.

The signs of weariness starting to show worry me, I clearly need to rest yet I can’t let my guard down, not now, not on my driving turn. I can’t remember when this song began to play or what it was called but I know the lyrics, they fell out of my mouth mechanically.  I look at my right, a tiny human being is curled up on the passenger seat in a U shape, seat belt on, head laying on her shoulder. A grunt from the back turns my attention from my sleeping co-driver followed by a sleepy voice mumbling a quick “g’morning”. I let out a long sigh, finally some company! My two travel partners sitting in the back woke up to the sound of Metallica’s The day that never comes. A sign indicating a rest area in less than 2Km makes me smile in relief.

How to Change your Summer? Go on a Road Trip.

A few minutes later, I parked the car in the parking lot and stepped out to change seats and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping after a long night ride. A soft breeze came crushing against my cheeks making me shiver in my denim jacket, I closed my eyes, stretched my arms and took a deep breath; “aah, the simple pleasures of life!”.

My friend took over the driver’s seat as I sat in the back completely relaxed. The car hit the asphalt again, I adjusted myself into a comfortable position ready to step into a long sleep, the open window allowed the fresh morning gentle wind to stroke my hair. I closed my eyes but surprisingly I wasn’t feeling tired or sleepy anymore, instead, a feeling of warmth and serenity grew in me, Aerosmith’s Crazy began to play in the background and at that moment everything felt so right, life seemed so worth living and it all made me realize that the joy of the human existence was made of road trips, summer breezes, good music, setting camp in a forest, drinking your favorite iced mojito, passing through ghost cities in the dead of the night and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you are still young, hell! Even if you are in your eighties and still feeling young, gather your stuff and your friends, charge your camera, bring out your map and all your colored tank tops and get ready to hit the road, to challenge yourself, to explore, to LIVE!

Whatever your destination is, the real experience is on the road where you get to savor exceptional bursts of sunshine and unique conversations with your travel mates. Ride for hours, feel the wind whip your face, admire the grandiose landscapes that pass before your eyes and mostly enjoy this sensation of incomparable freedom that makes the road trip the adventure of a lifetime. The greatest travelers will tell you: there is no better way to discover a country than to travel its roads while losing yourself through its charming villages and breathtaking panoramas.

Make your days matter, snap out of the typical lifestyle of the 21st century’s youngster, allow yourself to dip into the unknown for that’s how you can make the greatest discoveries. Embrace life my dear, embrace it to the deepest corners of your soul, cherish it, transcend existence and live.

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Some will say I’m passion embodied, others see me as a stranger in the 21st century world. But truly, I am no more than a 21 years old woman lost between the pages of a dusty old book, trying to find my way out of a Michelangelo work of art. Sometimes I’m Van Gogh’s starry night, others I’m his insane mind, but most of the time I’m a human being who craves simple pleasures for they are the last refuge of the complex.


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