I am a GIRL

I am a GIRL

Like most of the girls, I spent my time playing with barbies and putting a lot of make-up on my face. I liked dancing at weddings and I was dreaming of being a fashion designer or a model.

At the same time, I spent a lot of my free time with my brother and my two dear cousins; we were usually playing Video Games together. We just shared the same passion at the time. (I was so lucky to have such brothers).

But at thirteen, those girly things disappeared. What I have started liking the most was watching Soccer, watching Animes (not cartoons plz) and playing Video Games. Now I don’t like putting make-up on my face, no matter what the reason is, and I never dance at weddings…

Some friends called me weird, some of them called me “BOY” and others called me fake (like if I just wanted boys’ attention).

I was called with all of that just because I had different hobbies and acted differently to the rest of the girls.

It’s 2019, guys! It’s time to get rid from such prejudices.

I am a GIRL.

  • And yes, I play Video Games and I’m so good at them.
  • I do like Animes, I don’t skip that ten or thirty seconds when a scene is boring (well no one is on Animes), I can even repeat and repeat a scene to get the point.
  • I love Soccer. I may be so bad playing it (it was so hard for me as a girl to practice it on my childhood) but I do really enjoy watching it (this love story began because of the Blaugrana).
  • I don’t put make-up (I just love my face as it is).
  • At weddings, I usually go with jeans and sneakers (u_u you’ll call me crazy I’ll tell you my comfort comes first and food is why I go there).

One last thing.

Do I need to have a boyfriend to be a normal girl? No I don’t. 

I don’t need to get engaged with someone, to tell him I love him, to send him a heart (that one that beats on Whatsapp), to text him at 3 a.m, to go out on a date with him, to to to to….

Well, some of the girls doing this always told me that I am not living my life, that I am waisting it on worthless things (my dear trio VideoGames-Animes-Soccer). 

We all have to live our life the way we want to, without judging each other. But I was judged a lot and unfortunately by some friends (old ones) who kept wanting me to have the same lifestyle that they had. 

Sorry, but I don’t have to be sorry because this is me. I am just being myself doing what I feel comfortable with and proud of.

So please! Let people do whatever they want with their life. Accept the differences. We can’t like the same things. We can’t have the same goals. We can’t be the same. Let’s just be who we want to be. And most importantly, let’s choose our friends wisely; someone who makes you feel unnatural, weird, complicated or fool, can never be your friend.

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