I Wish I Could Just Get Back To Being A Sperm Cell.

pokemag contest 1st prize july 2019

I wish I could just come back to being a sperm. I would just slower my pace and never make it to your cruel world.

Imagine you’re hanging out warm and cozy, then one day, you start getting squeezed very hard, repeatedly. All day. And the crushing pressure gets closer and closer together. Then your head is forced through this tiny opening that you first discovered when you were the fittest sperm among millions of other equally determined sperm cells, all fighting for a female egg inside a deflowered vagina in a battle of fertilization. A battle in which you managed to be crowned victor. The thought of this fills you with pride and an aborning ego instinctively makes you cocky.

It hurts how your 9 months of parasitical existence come to an end as you’re no longer welcome in a body that supplied you with all the necessary elements to grow bigger than the vagina itself. It forces the fluid out of your lungs and feels like it’s crushing you. Then you emerge into a bright, confusing, cold, airy environment with a lot of blurry moving things and sounds that are so sharp you can’t make them out, and OUPS, everything you knew as a fetus is gone!

What do you do next? You take a deep breath, and it’s harsh, dry and ragged before you burst into a tear-less cry as if there’s no other way of proving your existence. Still confused, you take a deep look at this woman who is holding you so tight with her pale hands, sweat dripping from her smiling face as she’s stroking your hairless head as if you are the most expensive thing on earth. Why are you gazing at her in amazement? Is it love you’re instinctively feeling towards her or you just don’t know how to react to the bad smell that her tired body is making. Well, just that you know, you’re the reason she’s just experienced one of the most painful feelings ever.

Before you is a man whose high libido made him forget to even wear a condom while making « love » with your mum. He’s your dad. You’ll have to love him anyway, and he will have to reciprocate.

Mom’s soft hands are replaced with grandma’s tougher ones. You steal a glance around to see the joy on faces you’ve never seen. The attention you’re being given already makes you feel important. But you’re just a lightweight of flesh and blood, softly handed between people you’ll soon learn to call family.

As you’re reading this, decades after your birth, thinking you’re autonomous enough to make your own decisions. Now, whether you’re that rich handsome boy every girl wants to date, or the failure that everyone makes fun of. I just want you to know that you didn’t choose any of this. You were just led to live this life, driven to take roads you never had a single option to change. But it’s fine! It’s not your mistake, but you could get to be that baby once again, clean and purged. You just have to drop everything they made you learn (including your name, your religion, and beliefs…).

So, just close your eyes and imagine the following.

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You’re now back to being a sperm cell. So eager to win the race against millions of other sperms. You’re leading the race … and BOOM .. You’re thrown at full speed! Where is the female egg? Wait, What’s that? That’s the whitest I’ve ever seen! Is that a toilet? OUPS! That was clearly just masturbation.

No worries, let’s try again. Close your eyes once more. The speedy sperm that you are! You’ve just penetrated the egg .. Get ready to become a baby in a few months. Congrats on being born! I was sure you’d do it. You know how life truly looks like so don’t make the same mistakes. These strangers will have you defending abstract things like borders and kingdoms to keep them safe. Watch out, don’t get taken by them. Live your constraint-less life, take your decisions freely and if there’s one thing I want you to do for me, my son, is to be Original even if you happen to live in a world of imitation.

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Aymen Cherqi

Academically speaking, I am a Marketing undergraduate at ENCG-C, but I happen to be in Marrakech for my Final-year Project at Pokemag. Factually, I've invested the last 3 years of my life to help getting this project to where it is now. I am now the editor-in-chief and you're all welcome to make this magazine home to your thoughts.

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