Inkonnu, King of the Moroccan Trap Scene

Inkonnu king of Moroccan trap scene

The trap scene counts more than four decades of existence, a movement which was initiated in the United States of America and found its way on the other side of the Atlantic in 1996.

It first appeared in Morocco as way of describing the harsh reality that the Moroccan rappers dwelt on back then and has continued to be the case for the following two decades.

Then one day, exactly in 2016, a while new generation of young rappers would emerge with a different style.
From then on, we’d start talking about « trap » as some sort of eager rap, more direct, and outlandish -just as life in the streets of Casablanca jungle can be described. This movement was led by youngsters who, the majority of which, at that time, were still high school and college students.

Not far away from the iconic Hasan ll mosque, exactly in Bourgone, many of the youngsters rode the wave and forced their way into the artistic area through music. As many of them are already successful, with millions of views on their Youtube Channels.

One of these sensations, Ahmed Allali, aka. Inkonnu has jumped on the bandwagon three years ago. It seemed that the boy had something unusual in his art, a style of his own that he’d be recognized with later on his career.
Lyrically speaking, Inkonnu’s songs are a whole sea of metaphors that spotlight on life in the street and the infinite issues that youth face on a daily basis. While musically, his ability to adapt his rhythm to each song’s theme is something you wouldn’t hear in any other trap song in Morocco. In short, he’s the king of flow.

But what you don’t know about the 24-years artist is that he got his baccalaureate degree in 2013, did his engineering studies in 2 years then opted for a direct access to logistics schools where he obtained his diploma. No wonder why he didn’t take the classical path that required a suit and leads to the world of employment and offices. Instead, he chose to make a living out of his passion and spend his time in recording studios.
He now counts more than 20 songs to his name and an enormous fan-base behind.

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