It is Morocco’s Turn … To Bleed

perhaps the world is no longer a safe place to fully fulfill your dreams.


It seems like the world has become a never-ending competition of the most shocking yet the most disgusting acts nowadays. This same world -Morocco, this time- did not fail to make us witness another saddening incident that resulted in the loss of two young ladies, who had in mind everything but death. A horrible, monstrous and surely unforgettable death.

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen 24-year-old and Maren Ueland 28-year-old are two Scandinavian girls who chose Morocco as a destination to discover more about outdoor activities and pursue their passion, until the moment they were found dead alongside their dreams in the mountains. Hours later, the media releases that the incident is another “in the name of Islam” act. One out of four suspects was officially detained and the investigations are still ongoing to hopefully find the rest of the killers.

Like the news were not shocking enough, not later that day, a recording of the crime scene was all over social media. What do people obviously do? Like, share, comment. Some of them even consider the fact that they have the video unlike their peers who did not watch it yet, a privilege; “Inbox me if you still did not watch the video of the girls”. Just like the latest iPhone was released, and everyone is childishly very excited to be one of the first customers. If there is any reason that will push any social media user to share the video like there is nothing abnormal in it, like these are not real people being slaughtered in the name of a religion, I am beyond persuaded that the motive is far from being compassion, shame or even in the most extreme cases; guilt. Guilty for not being able to represent your religion in an acceptable way…guilty for not being able to deny the fact that yes, your country has not only failed to support the dreams of its citizens, but also managed to kill those of simple visitors. 

We are not all the same, this is not true Islam, Moroccans are better than this … and the very long list of beautiful comments that suddenly pop from out of the blue. I am not saying it is not true. In fact, we are definitely not the same, Moroccans are definitely not to be associated with such criminal acts and Islam is a religion that forbids hate, cruelty and encourages love, compassion and empathy. Ironically, the same day of their death coincided with other horrible incidents all over the world in many other countries from which we can cite the United States and France, you can just type “killing” “Infanticide” or “death” in Google, and you have a long sad record of what the world should not be proud of.

But would you stop for a while and put yourself in the shoes of a parent who was expecting their daughter to walk through the door in few days with so many stories to share only to end up watching her video being slaughtered to death? Would you take a second and imagine the levels of sadness, of despair but mostly of towering rage her family and surroundings have reached? And you come with your “we are different from those people” comment and expect all the wounds to recover, and all the heartaches to heal. Let us keep in mind that Moroccans are living in a country where they cannot use their phone in some areas, they are living in a country where if you are a girl you have a very long list of rules and policies that you are required to know by heart, and at the same time abide by, they are living in a country where a police officer would stop them for drinking in the streets but the same police officer would go home and drink until the morning. Let us keep in mind that Moroccans are living in a country that is literally slowly bleeding…

What is required is way more than this, what is required is more than simple “we are not the same”, “we are different”. What is required is being aware that writing articles in the defense of the country saying that “the sites are not usually safe for the police is absent” is not acceptable, it is even more shameful. What is required is accepting at some point that people like those killers are deemed to one decision which is torture to death, what is required is to finally, perhaps admit that the world is no longer a safe place to fully fulfill your dreams.

It is indeed not Morocco’s fault, it is the fault of humanity. May your souls rest in peace, and may your journey in the other world be a safer one … 

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Oumaima Maliki
Senior year in college. Passionate traveler and sushi lover. Big fan of Rupi Kaur and Nayyirah Waheed. Writing in the hope of publishing a book in the future. I love collecting souvenirs from every country I visit and I never watched an episode of game of thrones :)


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  1. Great post Oumaima. Nice closing. It’s not Moroccos fault, it’s the fault of Humanity. I love Morocco, I’ve met beautiful people here…and must say this is not a norm. May their souls rest in peace.

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