Las Vegas’ Deadliest Mass Shooting: Analysis by Oumaima Maliki.

Las Vegas-Nevada

After the London attack, the Orlando one and the many others we did not hear of (because of reasons), we lived to witness the attacks that happened in Nevada, Las Vegas on October 1st among a crowd of concertgoers at the route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas strip. Ironically, the theme was Life is Beautiful. It was not so beautiful after all. Because we like using big words, this Vegas strip shooting is the most awful, most tragic and deadliest mass shooting so far in modern US history.

One more absolute carnage that we will talk about for few days and then simply put in an archive that –sadly- holds thousands of tragedies, massacres and high death tolls of innocent people who definitely did not expect to spend the last minutes of their lives fearing the unknown and closing their eyes to the sound of guns and screaming. I mourn the loss of hundreds of precious lives, and my love and prayers go to the victims, their friends and families and to the humanity as a whole.

Can you even imagine the scene for a while? Thousands of people going out to enjoy a country music concert, some of those people were planning for this event months before, others probably just got the permission to go out that night with their friends, and were excited to announce it to them. Some took this opportunity to spend some time with their families. Now imagine those people going back home at the end of the day with a missing child, a missing mother or any beloved person they went out with for the sake of a sick person who chose to hold a gun and shoot a crowd of people without any valid reason to be stated.

Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old retired accountant had 23 weapons in his hotel suite from where he shot the crowd in addition to 50 pounds of exploding targets and 1600 rounds of ammunition in his car found in the hotel parking lot. There you go America, he is neither Muslim nor brown, he is not Arab and for once, the media did not state 2 days later that he had a passport coming from a Muslim country.

The greatest thing about the whole story is that is not considered as terrorism. Why? Because the shooter was a white man, an American citizen that is not affiliated to ISIS (although the media tried to find any kind of evidence to make the connection). If he was a man with a beard or Arab roots, it would have been reported immediately as an act of terrorism, Trump would’ve been calling action to Arab/ Muslim Ban, and the whole world wouldn’t have been so surprised, yes, just another Muslim merging the world into chaos and disorder.

This is heartbreaking, in only one night, a tremendous amount of suffering and hurt was enacted, huge damages will never be forgotten and a death toll that reached 59 along with upwards of 500 injuries. Without mentioning the hundreds of people who will always be tinged by the fear associated with the sound of gunfire, the screaming of people and the moments before the survival, that felt like forever.


The world is in chaos, take action, be the change …



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Oumaima Maliki
Senior year in college. Passionate traveler and sushi lover. Big fan of Rupi Kaur and Nayyirah Waheed. Writing in the hope of publishing a book in the future. I love collecting souvenirs from every country I visit and I never watched an episode of game of thrones :)


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