Learning how to be acquainted with solitude and live alone


Learning how to be acquainted with solitude and live alone

Learning how to be acquainted with solitude and live alone is worth It. A person who lives alone, lives independently and freely. The process is hard in the beginning. But once you get used to solitude, you wouldn’t be able to tolerate being around people who are not sweeter than that solitude. You learn how to love and take care of yourself by yourself. So you don’t need someone who will have to do that for you. You also start being more conscious about your routine’s details and more aware of how you spend your time and how productive you’re being.

Solitude is the opposite of Loneliness

I am not saying that you shouldn’t make any contact with the world. Still a person can live alone and be social at the same time. Loneliness is for sheeps. They can’t be alone, they always need to be together to protect each other. Let’s say that solitude is the glory of being alone, while loneliness is the unpleasant affective response and the pain you get when you are alone and you can’t make any good of It. Letting your negative toughts drown you in some bad energy.

How to be acquainted with solitude and live alone?

Start with enjoying your own company. Make every moment enjoyable your own way. Let the days count and stop counting the days. Read books, dance, draw, paint, sing, do all the things you won’t be able to do when you’re surrounded by other people.

If you are isolated and not productive, then you’re getting It the wrong way. Being active and busy keeps you feeling usefull. Fill your time and try to not get a lot of long gaps in your schedule.

Finally, Get confortable in silence and use time as a reflection for yourself, be always better than you were yesterday. You’ll see how much progress you will be making.

If you get the chance to be alone, learn how to go with the flow and live with It because at the end of the day, all you have is yourselves, you were born alone and you will die alone, so I think you must be able to live alone too. Not permanently but to get to enjoy It is a start.


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Fatima Ez-zahra NASSER
A marketing student with leadership skills. Adventurer rebel, I love creating arts and going to the gym. I also enjoy reading and traveling.


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