Living with irritable bowel syndrome

aka le syndrome du colon irritable .

Living with irritable bowel syndrome

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder that affects the colon, a chronic and unpredictable condition fueled by bad eating habits and massive amount of stress; things that I’ve been developing since a very young age.

By the age of 14 , the idea of having a white exam sheet on my desk was not only making me feverish, lacking sleep and appetite but also having constant nausea and a weird discomfort.

At that age, all my worries and fears where exams and the responsibility of delivering my best. I thought it might have been the way my body reacts to stress (by overreacting).

Little that I knew, it was also influencing my mood, my physical maintenance (since I was rushed to the hospital once every 4 to 5 weeks) and also my social energy .

I’m pretty sure that only few people understand that the health of your guts and your digestive system as a whole is fully responsible of your mental balance (as they say a healthy mind is in a healthy body).

So imagine a body always complaining from the least forms of stress and fear through digestive disorder, fever nausea… How your brain would be fully performing if your body is always manifesting ?

IBS doesn’t only ruins your appetite and make you overreact over stress or any negative emotion you will  get to deal with. It’s a shape of a slow emotional death that starts with a fast weight loss, the dissatisfaction of being and feeling unhealthy, and the negative thoughts that cross your head while processing the radical changes your body is witnessing.

Now at the age of 20, I realized that what I used to label as depression anxiety mood swings was mainly due to the pressure, the huge responsibility that I held on to, the bad college life style I was maintaining also the negative energy I kept constantly receiving that affected not only my physical performance and my energy but also my social interactions and my self esteem.

Feeling bad about yourself or feeling too negative sometimes doesn’t always have to be based on thoughts. Maybe it’s your body reaching out to you desperately for help.

Ps: Please stop telling slim people they are too thin or make notes about how quick they lost weight… having ISB isn’t an option! Would anyone wanna be looking sick by choice?

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