Lose Like a Champion


You are born to be winner!

Go big or go home!

Your mom did not struggle for months just to give birth to a loser.


But these words should not be told to everyone, because we cannot all be winners.

Take for example the last public speaking competition I participated in.

We started out as about 48 people to be 11 finalists competing for 1 winner spot, and I am not that good at math but I can tell that 11 is a lot bigger than 1.

So can we all be winners? Of course not.

But the problem is, as we were getting ready for the finals we all heard the words I said earlier, told to us by family and friends supporting us.

And after going back home that day, 9 of us finalists felt disappointed for not being that one winner.

But we were 11 and with one winner and 9 disappointed finalists, that leaves one person out. Right?


Well, that person is me.

Because losing no longer disappoints me.



Because I learned to lose like a champion.

Can you be hungry and be full at the same time?

Can there be light and darkness in the same place?

Can something be black but also white?

Of course not!

So what am I saying? Losing like a champion? That doesn’t make much sense!

But let me ask you a question. Can you think of the last time you participated in a competition…and lost?

How did you feel?

Did you go home that night and ask yourself: what does that person have that I don’t? Why did that person win and I didn’t?

But the most important question is: what kind of decisions did you make that night?


Did you decide that you should stop competing in that very same thing you lost at? Did you decide you are not good enough and maybe you should quit?

Or did you decide you will not give up just yet and that you will try again and again until you win?

Well, if you chose the first option, then you are just like most of the people out there that compete and lose.


But if you chose the second option, congratulations, you now know how to lose like a champion.


I am part of my school’s debate team, as well as the girls’ basketball team.

Two different things in which it is challenging to be good at, right?

Well, exactly. I am good at one but not as much in the other.

Can you guess which one I am not good at?

Is it debate? Or is it basketball?

Let me give you a hint.

In the last 2 months, I played more than 6 basketball games.

In the last 2 months, I lost more than 6 basketball games.

That alone is enough to let you guess which one of the two I am the least good at.

But all those lost games; I lost them like a champion.

Because I did not go home after those games and decide I suck at basketball (even though I do).

I did not go home and decide I should quit playing a sport I love just because I keep losing.

I did not go home and decide it is a good idea to cry all night because I got eliminated so quickly.


I decided I must accept, reflect, learn, practice, and repeat.


Accept that I lost that day.

Reflect on why I lost.

Learn how to fix it.

Practice to improve.

And repeat the process.


So what does it exactly mean to lose like a champion?

It means you do not win a trophy.

But you win something a lot more precious.


You win a life lesson.

You win experience.

You win hearts.


And you win at not winning.


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Imane Majid

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