Marriage: the finest cloture.

pokemag contest 1st prize july 2019


It’s not just a simple bound between two people who love each other, nor a step forward in a relationship.

Marriage, to me, is the finest closure to someone’s life. Damn, who would turn down the opportunity to be with his woman, to raise a small family and have children of his own?

I can’t stop imagining that marvelous moment, when I’m anxiously walking to my lady’s house, when my legs shake like they never did before, when my heart bounces, when her father proudly invites me in and introduces me to my family in law. I can’t stop thinking about that wonderful moment when my lady walks into the room with a plate in her hands. When she comes close enough for me to grab that cup of tea. When I’m not even sure if it was really tea, coffee or something else. When I’m sitting right there with my parents, while my father talks to hers as she’s sitting just in front of me and dressed up all cute with her adorable smile, mixed with nerve, pressure, and happiness. 

I can’t stop envisioning that delightful moment when I look at my best-friends and smile, telling them telepathically that this is so far the best moment of my life. That this is the best feeling I’ve ever felt, when I stare at my wife with tears in my eyes, thanking God for the destiny he chose for me, for this beautiful human being, this flawless soul he brought me.

I can’t stop imagining that breathtaking moment when I’m standing right there, waiting passionately for my wife in our wedding, when she comes up with her father and walks towards me, when everyone is too busy criticising what she was wearing, what plate were served, when I’m overjoyed to give a damn about them, when the wedding night is finally over, and only our parents are still there waiting for us to hit the road, to whatever destiny we chose for our honeymoon, , when I kiss my parents’s heads, telling them proudly that their son has finally become a Man.

I can’t stop thinking about that outstanding moment of our first night together when she gets too shy before we make love to each other, when we create memories,break beds and disturb our neighbors, when she comes to me in a monday afternoon with tears in her eyes to tell me that she’s pregnant, and I for once, run like Usain Bolt to my parents filled with joy to deliver the news. I can’t stop visualizing that wonderful moment when my girl is about to give birth, and I’m just sitting there helpless on a hospital floor, praying with my ears locked on a door, waiting for that one scream that’s going to change my life for good, when I’m about to hold my baby boy for the first time, when I finally find the answer I’ve been looking for all my life to that « why » I kept asking my father. when my baby calls me daddy for the first time, and I get to watch him grow, go to school, chase girls and find his own path in life.

Finally, I can’t stop thinking about this bottle of whiskey I just drank, and what it made me write, I should’ve known better by now, « not to trust alcohol ».

PS : never drink whiskey alone late at night, otherwise you’ll turn to Paolo Coelho and get emotional AF.

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