Stop Romanticising Mental Illnesses

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Stop Romanticising Mental Illnesses

With each generation taking things to the extreme, the veronik hero becomes something much less than heroic recently. Today, we see this character appearing in our favorite tv shows as a Plethora of almost exclusively white men with clear emotional problems that we cheer on and even emulate because we’ve confused the origin of their positive qualities.

We’ve made so many depressed or psychopathic characters that also happened to be gorgeous talented and successful everything we want for ourselves. We’ve made so many characters of this type that we’ve begun to believe that « the dark past suffering from depression » is a necessary precursor to  brilliance we’re assuming that there’s a cause and effect relationship and forgetting just how difficult it is to live with and fight against mental illness, the real mental disorders.

In a world that thinks that the worse of life we’ve had, the more important and interesting you are and it’s in that confusion where the true danger lies.

This evolving culture of idealizing mental illness along with a Pop art and industries glorifying self harm and many self destructive behaviors, causes people, typically teens and young adults,  not to seek help for their symptoms but to convince themselves that they suffer from these illnesses in the first place and in worst cases to act on their emotions in a destructive and irreversible ways. They lure people in through the false false connection between beauty and  torment, pain and appeal.

We forget that people grappling with mental illness are amazing because of it. They were amazing to begin with, we forget that it’s more  than possible to be incredibly talented in a full-color world and, we forget that the positive aspects of our influencer can exist in a positive being but why do we happen to forget so often today?

See, the reason we fall into this mode of thinking is that most of us want is to be both unique and supported. We’ve ascended  up maslow’s hierarchy of needs past having the center of our lives around survival needs and now focusing on our more complex internal needs; we need to be supported and unique. Something that is easily obtained through mental illness, but actually, what we truly need is to be self actualized to develop and achieve our personal goals convinced that we can be incredibly wonderful and talented and brilliant without having to put up a sad and depressed background to our stories.

We want to think that if we put on the trendy new outfit of mental illness, everything would be validated in a society convinced that you are more interesting  and worthwhile if you are hurting. So, we build our lives around our tragedies instead of centering them around what we love about ourselves. That’s just sad!

You don’t have to be a radical optimist, but you simply have to reject the idea of a profound sorrow creates a profound individual, and in that way, change can be evolved. if each and every one of us found better ways to fulfil their needs other than craving support and attention by romantizing on depression anxiety or self harm .

Ps: taking drugs, substance abuse, and mental illness are mainly the same current issue.

(DISCLAIMER : I hope I didn’t trigger people dealing with the real symptomes. I’m not suggesting that you should quit pretending or faking what you are dealing with, but it would be more suitable to take your personal life out of the social media platforms and reach out for more convenient and professional help from a liscienced doctor)

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