Sami: In the name of love

Quoted from a true story.

Pokemag Contest Winner -April 19'

I never knew him, nor seen him, but I have heard of him. Who doesn’t know the story of Sami Al Jay and his astonishing voice that resonated from Morocco to Algeria?

Sami was known as the voice of the voiceless on Medi 1 Radio, the only station known for its neutrality in the region, when there was an issue that shook the foundations of this kingdom. Everyone used to go to Sami, everyone trusted his words and judgments, everyone respected his opinions and views until that one day when Tangier’s newspaper published an article with the Title “An ugly crime, Sami AL JAY accused of killing his wife”.

Anisa’s body had disappeared 6 years ago before it was found in the salon of the house. Sami had turned the place into a small garden, and just like suddenly, the audiovisual bright star became the devil, the evil genius built with his bare hands the coffin of his beautiful victim, Anisa, he covered it with soil and planted some flowers on the top. He put a big couch inside the garden to welcome the visitors, over the years hundreds of celebrities sat down next to the cold body of Anisa.

On June 9, 1989, the police captain AL ALAMI ordered the search of Sami’s house after he confessed to the crime, three workers were needed to find Anisa’s body. When dragged from beneath the earth, she seemed to be calm, clear, her beauty never faded even for a second.

Sami was watching her as if he was telling her what happened at the police station since she didn’t have the opportunity to be there. Did he still love her? Maybe asking this question only those who did never love nor suffer one day.

After his arrest, Sami did never speak about his love not even once, even during his interviews or interrogation, or during the trial. Perhaps because he was surrounded by men, and between men we talk about politics, wars, religion, football, money but never love. Love is for women. Did Sami love his wife? One needs a little of proper thinking to know the answer, perhaps this is a story devoid of rationality.

Anisa was the only girl in a French family, she had seven brothers and two parents working with the state. Anisa was a secretary, beautiful and educated about men by living with her brothers, Anisa was aspiring to reach the heights.

When she met Sami in 1982, she was in her 20s. Sami was at the beginning of his career, but he had already built a reputation for himself in the artistic sector as a journalist in a French newspaper. Sami knew famous figures in the country and Anisa lived the dream with him. One day, she met a well-known author, the day after she met a legend in the world of politics. She ate in the city’s finest restaurants as she kept talking about traveling to Latin America, Middle east or Guatemala…

The beautiful French girl was like a calm volcano! Sometimes, she used to lose her temper to start slapping him. Sami used to hug her with everything he had to calm her down and control her. He used to tell her that everything will be fine, he used to tell her stories until she finally calms down and sleep like an angel fallen from the sky. Was never born a woman that hugs better than Anisa!

In her arms, Sami forgot the worries of the worlds, forgot the past and the future! Nothing was more important than that moment. Anisa was the example of a loving woman, she loved him as he is, not as he should be according to women, maybe because she had 7 brothers? Or, maybe because she was the chosen one from GOD to prove that love isn’t impossible after all?

Sami didn’t doubt anything. For him, all that mattered in life was work, after work, children. He aspired to become the best journalist in the country to meet the needs of his children. He liked to play guitar and listen to PINK FLOYD. That was the essence of life for him. As for women and Sex? that could wait.

It was his fault, despite their love, a human is destined to weaken from time to time, destiny chose Anisa to weaken her. Destiny revealed the betrayal to Sami, destiny split the loving couple, destiny made Sami never forget about Anisa, destiny made him commit an atrocious crime in the name of love, to bury Anisa at the bottom of the house and to water the roses on a daily basis as if he was worshiping her, no one can judge the story of two lovers, nor judge their desires and madness.

Written by Ahmed MDARBI

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Ahmed Mdarbi


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