Some things are hard to explain, being a Spurs fan is one of them!


Many are the things left unexplained, and some questions are just impossible to answer. No one can give a convincing answer to questions like: Who killed JFK? What was Jesus really like? (Okay, this question should be more like: was there even a Jesus?). Is time real or just an illusion? … And the list of life’s unrevealed secrets goes to no end. 

Every time I try to unravel a mystery, I only end up being lost in a deep rabbit hole of questions, leading from blackness to more darkness. It’s in the morning of what’s supposed to be my last hurrah at school. And as it is going to be my last day at school, I am supposed to be putting final touches on my thesis if I’m to save my 5 years of studies. But instead, I am on a new word document–the usual–writing about a mystery that’s been keeping me awake for the past month. Tottenham Hotspur are on the Champions League final! Would you believe it?! 

I’m aware of the fact that many of the readers will get uninterested the moment they learn that this article is going to be about football as much as I’m aware of the fact that I’ve made the most profound of introductions only to write about the most superficial of topics. But the way my fingers get carried away while I type is also one of the mysteries I can’t explain. 

I don’t wish to lose a reader at this point, so let’s try to make this sound more engaging, I’ll share my story with you. The story of how I became a Tottenham Hotspur fan (a Lilywhite as Spurs fans like to be called). Tottenham Hotspur is the team, Spurs is the nickname, and Lilywhites are the fans. See, you’re already learning, I told you it’s going to be an interesting article to read. 

So, Spurs have reached the final stage of the Champions League! Do you know how many times they have done this before? None. So, as a Spurs fan, I’m fully aware of the fact that I might not live to witness another final. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m writing about it instead of preparing for my thesis. 

Contrarily to what some people think, I don’t support this team for the sake of looking different. I just love this team, and I don’t crave something to make me look special; especially not football. Do you know how hard it is to bear the heartbreaks and the disappointments that this team of Tottenham can cause its supporters at the beginning, mid, and end of every year for 10 continuous years? I’m clearly not a masochist to want to experience these feelings of devastation on yearly basis.  

When you’re too passionate about football, it’s not like you get to choose which team to support. First, you’re watching a football game … Players kick the ball and run behind it, the gaffer makes funny gestures on the side line, the fans scream their heads off for their team, and the commentator screams his lungs out when a goal is scored. Next thing, you wish to spend the rest of your life in the middle of that game. There isn’t enough reason as for which you support this team and hate the other, just as mosquitoes like some more than other 

But I don’t regret a moment of the 10 years I’ve been cheering for Spurs. I do have great memories with this team, and I do remember them all! For one, I have a memory of an elephant. Plus, we don’t have that much of great memories together.  

My most memorable one, however, was on a particular Thursday when I was back home for the lunch-break I had between two exams. I was grabbing a snack all the while zapping between the endless TV channels when I suddenly fell on a football game. It was Spurs vs Manchester United at White Hart Lane, and young Luka Modric made Manchester’s midfield aces look like Sunday league amateurs. The game ended goalless but something about White Hart Lane and that Croatian sensation stole part of my heart, forever! 

Instead of going to the English exam in the afternoon, I went to the video games and picked Tottenham Hotspur. I won my first game against Barcelona 2-1, Modric scored my first ever goal with Spurs from long range, and Roman Pavlyuchenko grabbed a header from Gareth Bale’s cross.

A decade has gone by, I now write in English, Modric won the Ballon d’Or, I’ve won a lot of trophies playing Tottenham on Fifa but I still haven’t watched my team lift a single trophy in real life. But guess what, we’re in the Champions League final and this will be our first big achievement together.      

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Aymen Cherqi

Academically speaking, I am a Marketing undergraduate at ENCG-C, but I happen to be in Marrakech for my Final-year Project at Pokemag. Factually, I've invested the last 3 years of my life to help getting this project to where it is now. I am now the editor-in-chief and you're all welcome to make this magazine home to your thoughts.


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