Story: The KarTrashians – part 1

She woke up early in the morning, unusual, her room was messy, shoes, heels, dresses, wardrobes and everything was all over the place, her closet is a endless motion

Story: The KarTrashians - part 1

She woke up early in the morning, unusual, her room was messy, shoes, heels, dresses, wardrobes and everything was all over the place, her closet is a endless motion of clothes yet, she’s always complaining as to what she hasn’t enough wear, the girl wants to put on a look every day, her face is sculpted finely as in the paintings of la renaissance, blond hair, lifted eyebrows, eyes of emerald green, a perfect nose and full lips. As she moved from her bad, she stumbled and fell in the middle of the chaos in her room, she stood up, looked in the mirror, flicked her hair and smiled, a smile like shiny river stones. She went to the kitchen downstairs, opened the fridge, found some milk and cornflakes then took a seat and got her breakfast. Her mom already left for her job at 7 am and left a note telling her daughter she and her father will be home late at night. Amanda found an opportunity to invite her two friends Amanda and Aliah, she doesn’t have a plan yet in her mind, but it’s likely a hangout in the afternoon. The two arrived by the time she started arranging her room. Hopefully, they would help her.

Once she opened the door, they ran into the kitchen table to spill the tea about high school graduation, they stayed there gossiping for two hours while Samantha’s room was still messy, and so she asked them to help her arrange her room, but both of her friends were caught up on Instagram, they asked her to do a full face makeup instead, just for fun. Each one of them brought a seat in front of the mirror in her bedroom and started splashing brushes and pallets. Aliah brought a wig with her, she’s not as beautiful as Samantha, but she serves personality the house down. Amanda was the artist so she had two canvas in front of her and herself, she started with Aliah and once she was done Aliah started posing with her jump suit she saved money to buy. Samantha’s final look was beat for the Gods and then it was Amanda’s turn except, her wear was not so good so she borrowed from Samantha. The Trio was ready, but the sun was burning outside.

They stayed on the couch watching Drag Race for some confidence boost, the other day Amanda wanted to do a death drop, she broke her ankle. One lesson: Never try that again Sweetie.

While watching Samantha got hungry, so she picked her phone and ordered food mainly pizza and a soda can, and the two other girls wanted some food too, that might leave them with no money for the hangout but they did it. 20 minutes of hunger one of them wanted to mess up her makeup for she was too hungry. Knocks on the door, it’s the delivery guy or maybe a girl, before taking their food, they looked at each other and knew right away they can only take a cab once. They took their food and laid back again on the couch eating their food, the food they wish they abstained from to fit their fancy social media pictures without resizing and using filters.

Time for the hangout, the trio left the house and started hooking up with every guy that came their way….

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Issam ElMeddah
19 ans, Etudiant à l'ENCG Marrakech. "J'écris sur les murs de mes fantaisies enfantines des mots qui sentent l'ardeur de l'espoir et l'innocence du petit, après je rompt le silence et mes larmes se mettent à couler, Ma foi !"


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