Sudan: Between Destruction and Resistance

Sudan is ramified and broken, yet its people are shedding blood and tears for their freedom.

Sudan: Between Destruction and Resistance

As the revolution of the Sudanese people intensified, the Nile River became a container of their tortured and alienated corpses. Outrageous crimes and massacres shocked the public opinion. Rape, genocide and war crimes reflected the brutality performed against Sudan. It has been confirmed that over 150 people are dead, 723 injured, 650 arrested and 1000 missing; however, there is no media coverage. The voices of the people have been marginalized and the criminals have taken the necessary measures to cover their inhumane violations. It is quite evident that the death toll is higher than what has been reported, but internet blackout and media censorship decreased the rate by which Sudan’s news spread. 

The current situation Sudan is going through is dystopian. Families mourn the death of their beloved ones and we mourn with them. We mourn the loss of innocent people whose only felony was an attempt to break free from a corrupt system. 

Sudan is ramified and broken, yet its people are shedding blood and tears for their freedom.  We are all grieving the pain of our brothers and sisters who have been tortured, abused and stripped naked from their Human rights. Although the media has been silenced, we are trying to use whatever platform we have to fight back.

It has been alleged that the Gulf monarchies are trying to hijack the Sudan uprising. For decades, we have been witnessing the continuous barbarian acts of Arab autocrats to dominate, not only Sudan, but the world. The tyranny and despotism caused by Saudi Arabia and its allies is shocking.  The Sudanese revolution is facing tremendous back clash, leaving behind it a trail of blood and resistance. This democratic movement is standing against the horrendous coalition of Arab tyrants. The rise of Islamophobia and the total control over the media perform as a tool of sabotage and disruption of Sudan’s march towards democracy. Both KSA and UAE are funding the Transitional Military Council that is holding extreme power in Sudan.

Saudi Arabia is known for its draconian system. It has a long history of violence against anyone who tries to seek justice. Reporters, doctors as well as activists have been jailed and executed for demanding people’s rights. This authoritarian system is behind mass destruction and thousands of murders around the Middle East and the Arab world in general. Today, once again, it is dismantling Sudan’s liberties by backing the TMC.

In an act of resistance, Sudan is losing its life to preserve its dignity. Nothing is stopping the people from revolting against the brutal tactics of the TMC and its associates. The Sudanese people are not willing to allow a follow-up of al-Bashir’s regime; they are peacefully fighting back. This civil disobedience will forever mark history; it stands as a testament of resistance against extreme power. 

Perhaps the world is witnessing another holocaust, and the international community has the ability to promote justice and humanity or the ability to promote the horrible crimes of Arab dictators. Sudan however is promoting  an egalitarian system, human rights and  freedom. They are not stopping and neither are we. 

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