Tea and coffee

"She wonders if she ever made the right decision, if they ever did. If fifty years from now she’ll remember him as the one that got away"

Tea and coffee

« Tea »

November 22nd, 2022

The atmosphere is unusually quiet today; she observes the quite movement of the café from the deep corner she’s sat in. Coldplay’s “The Scientist” faintly playing in the back.

Her coffee has gone cold a long time ago, never minding to refresh it again. She never liked coffee anyways; it was too harsh on her taste buds and mean to her stomach. She favored tea more.

But what does it matter now? Neither coffee nor tea have a taste anymore.

I had to find you

Tell you I need you 

Tell you I set you apart

She absentmindedly plays with the small spoon. Her book long forgotten. She was finding it exceptionally hard to focus on reading today so she set it aside. Her mind elsewhere. The waiters pass by her every once in awhile, giving her a sympathetic smile in the process. 

She grows tired of watching people coming in and out of the café, so she averts her dull eyes and looks out the glass window front of the shop. 

It’s a cold November afternoon, not many people are out in the streets fearing the unpredictable weather. Her eyes jump from person to person, from window shop to another, only stopping when she suddenly spots an orangey leaf slowly making its way to the ground.

Tell me your secrets

And ask me your questions

Oh let’s go back to the start

Her mind goes back to November 19th 2018; when she dragged him to what she claimed is “the best coffee shop in the whole city”

He complained the whole way there, but secretly he loved it the minute he stepped in. The coziness, the quietness and the delicious aroma of coffee you can smell from the corner of the street, the adorable owner and the amiable waiters, but he fell in love with it because he was already in love with her, and he just realized it that same day.

And he ended up loving the café so much that it became their little secret. The hidden place where they read poems and book excerpts to each other and he listened to her rambling about conspiracy theories, her eyes widening every time she gets to the creepy parts of them. She would reciprocate when she listens carefully to whatever twisted dream he’s had the night before. Trying to keep up with their peculiar logic isn’t an easy task, but to her they weren’t bad dreams. Just manifestations of the very active imagination of his that she adored.

Nobody said it was easy

It’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would this hard

Oh take me back to the start

She starts blinking fast before her watery eyes give her away. Her face suddenly painted in a forlorn expression. Taking a large sip of her cold coffee, she wonders if she ever made the right decision, if they ever did. If fifty years from now she’ll remember him as the one that got away.

There’s nothing worse than that simple “what if”. Two words, six alphabets, not even a sentence and it still hits you like a tidal wave and makes you question every single thing you’ve ever done.

The beauty of words in its full splendor.

But it doesn’t matter now; she knows they wouldn’t have made it anyways. It’s no one’s fault really, neither she nor he made a mistake, they were just too different after all. Like coffee and tea. 

Tell me you love me

Come back and haunt me

She realizes she’ll never be the same again; parts of her are with him now and parts of him are with her now. But it’s fine; those are the beautiful parts she willingly gave and the parts she gladly accepted.

Running in circles

Chasing our tails

Coming back as we are

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