The bittersweet taste of Break-up.

The Bittersweet taste of Break-up (PokemagContest3 winner)

Because we all have, at least, a break-up on us, or two. I dedicate this piece of writing to all the broken hearts out there, and to the heart breakers as well.

The bittersweet taste of break-up (PokemagContest3)

In maths, 398 minus One makes 397, 1120 minus One makes 1119, but at times like this, or this time precisely, One less makes all the difference.

Today, I have One less follower on Instagram, One less friend on Facebook, One less person cheering for me, and a 10-digit number -on my notebook- that I can’t reach.

In love, I was given the heave. In friendship, I was sold down the river. In spirituality, I lost a soulmate.

It is true that no one loses anyone because no one owns anyone to begin with. You don’t lose in terms of possession, but you lose in terms of support, of care, of tenderness… And a loss is a loss no matter what! No matter how hard you try to hide it, or the efforts you make to unthink about it, or the energy that you drain on getting rid of the memories.

It chases you when you are making your bed to sleep, dozes you off, and wakes you up in the morning. It catches you in the middle of the clutter and causes you to zone out. It consumes every second of your time, every sip of your coffee, every puff of your cigarette, and every glass of your wine. But you don’t understand how, because you don’t even understand why!!

It is but a side effect of all the dopamine releazed, all the ecstasy felt, and all the sleepless nights fully enjoyed. It is magic turning against the magician

It is addiction at its worst, death at its slowest pace, and detachment in the truest sense of the term.

It is defeat after the smell of victory, a whistle blown before fulltime, a battle lost before it is played.

As hard it is to admit, you feel devoured and hopeless. You don’t have the energy to fight, nor to forget. You just run in a circle -vicious and saturated with memories, before time does the healing, creates an escape and sets you free.

the IT of break up

But until then, you have to suffer and keep in touch with your inner soul with all its unwanted feelings. Life always has a lesson to teach you, and every experience, despite how undesirable, is worth living for.

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