“The healthiest people in the planet don’t necessarily go to the gym”

The healthiest people in the world don't necessarily go to the gym.

People are always thinking that fancy gym memberships, complicated diets and expensive high-tech therapies are required to have a healthy youthful life. But guess what!? THEY’RE WRONG: The Blue-Zoners are the living proof.

The so-called “Blue Zones ®” are geographical areas where people have uncovered the secret behind a long healthy life! Their residents not only live longer but also better and may remain active until the age of 80. There are currently 5 Blue Zones in the world:

  • Ikaria, an island in Greece;
  • Ogliastra in Sardinia (Italy);
  • Okinawa in Japan;
  • Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica;
  • Loma Linda in California (USA).

The Blue-Zoners don’t really go out of their way to live that long. They don’t count calories, take unnecessary compliments, go on crazy diets or even read food labels. They don’t Deadlift, Bench Press or do any kind of these high-intensity exercises… But they share a unique lifestyle despite the great distance that separates them :

Physical activity is built into their daily life through walking, gardening, cooking and running errands … They spend most of their day OUTSIDE enjoying the sunshine and enriching their bodies with Vitamine D.

Their diet is 90% plant-based;
The Blue zones residents aren’t vegetarians per se, but they tend to consume large servings of fruits, vegetables, and legumes, mainly organic and pesticide-free. They’re also neither fond of dairy nor processed food.

They eat just about enough;
Hara Hachi Bu is a Confucian saying that the Okinawans have been living by for centuries now. It roughly translates to: Eat until you‘re 80 % full. In fact, Their average daily calorie intake is only about 1900 Kcal, which is way less than what an average Moroccan consume during the day.

Sleep deprivation is a myth to these people;
The blue-zoners don’t set morning alarm clocks: They just sleep as much as their bodies need to. Daytime napping is also common in these areas.

They have something to wake up to;
Or, as the Okinawans call it: Ikigai (⽣き甲斐) and the Nicoyans refer to it as: Plan de vida. Having a life with purpose keeps these people positive and upbeat.

They don’t break away from the society:
One of the secrets of longevity is the amazing involvement of these people in their community. Most Blue-Zoners tend to live with their families and children or even their grandchildren. They provide them with a sense of belonging and a desire to stick around for as long as possible.

That been said, you don’t need to move to these places and sip from their mystical fountains of youth to increase your life expectancy. Instead, simple changes in your lifestyle can go a long way to “almost” guarantee a youthful life without chronic, and yet, preventable diseases such as Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Heart diseases…

Through a series of articles, we’ll show you how to bring these simple changes to your lifestyle and put them into practice.

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Bahaeddîne Achraf
Dr. Bahaeddine Achraf LAZHAR, "Military Doctor at the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces", Teaching people about their body, how it works and how it interacts with nature is what the new Medical Era is about... Curing diseases is not enough anymore in the 21st century, We want to prevent them and preserve your well-being as long as possible


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