The pact

The pact "PokemagContest4"

What is The Pact? And what is the story behind?

A long time ago, long before creating negative, positive, vertical and lateral thinking, long before socialism, capitalism, feminism, radicalism and terrorism. Long before homophobia, negrophobia, xenophobia and islamophobia; humans, in their assemblages, were suffering from relational problems and conflicts. It was totally natural; as our psychologies differ from an individual to another, differences and quarrels are unsurprising consequences.

In one of these assemblages, a group of eminent, reasonable and fair-minded people happened to be gathered. They were always discussing nature, humans, interactions, and relations; they were discussing everything, they were always debating, meditating and mediating. They were referred to as the Dead Minds Society.

One day, because of an unbearable heat on a beach, a man killed another. It was new and unusual, it shook the life in the group and even reached other assemblages. People began to talk and think about it. That’s what pushed the Dead Minds Society to create something that would organize and harmonize human life. The erudite leaders, after numerous meetings, created a non-tendentious covenant. They named it ‘The Pact’. A pact that would suit all the societies, and all the times, since it was established from the bases of humanity, from the constant things in life.

The pact

They obliged themselves to respect it, and, very quickly, all the people in the assemblage did the same. 

The Pact became the regulation that Earth was missing. 

Afterwards, everyone on the globe, regardless of their race, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their weight and height, obeyed its clauses.

It was passed from father to son. Like a lifestyle, like a language, like habits and religions, they believed in it, totally, applied it and spread it in their societies. 

Youngsters were learning it by heart at an early age. They were repeating, every day, in a perfect unwavering tone : 

« All men are equal;

All that belongs to us also belongs to our brothers;

Before our ego, we must think of others;

Everything is free what’s on Earth

Water, plants and victual…« 

The years passed, the centuries crumbled, ‘The Pact’ was always respected and hardly violated. We could violate anything but the base of social life. Except that some time ago, it was thought that slight, totally unimportant and non-influencing modifications were necessary. Thus, ‘The Pact’ became:

« All men are equal,

But some are more equal than others;

All that belongs to our brothers also belongs to us;

We must always think of others, but after our ego;

Everything on Earth is free,

Provided we pay a fee … « 

And themselves, like their ancestors, totally respected it. They obeyed it, believed it without doubt, applied it without hesitation, like social media news, like a youtube video, a facebook post or a twitter dwarf text ; totally, robotically and emotionlessly.

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Mouad Moutaoukil
Math and med student. Grand passionné de littérature francophone, de voyages et de musique. Je m’intéresse et écris à propos d’éducation, société, science et culture. ‘La culture est comme la confiture, moins on a, plus on l’étale’.


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