The startup scene in Africa is on the rise, and here is what’s happening


Maybe you still have « yesterday news », but the African startup scene is changing, the continent has been seen as an inhospitable place for investors and entrepreneurs for so long, due to the lack of Venture Capital and the necessary infrastructure, but it doesn’t stop the youth and entrepreneurs from hustling  and pursuing their dreams. I have been watching the African tech scene closely, and it’s emerging in a very good way, bridging the gap with developed economies using innovative tech solutions. It is true that Silicon Valley is seen as the global innovation hub delivering value all over the world, startups in Africa focused more on solving Africans problems and they are doing it well. Let’s take the Drones industry for example, while some are using this technology to kill, they are used in Africa efficiently more than anywhere else, we use them to solve agriculture problems, or to deliver blood between hospitals in Tanzania and Rwanda. Around Fintech, Healthtech, and Agritech, the continent raised more money than last year ($47.2 million in 2017), almost $168.6 million according to a report by WeeTracker. More examples all over the continent are shaping the lives of millions of Africans, in Kenya, M-Pesa is providing mobile payments for 77% of the population since 2007. Today, M-Pesa is the most popular telephone money transfer application in the world, unbelievable Hein?
From the administrative and regulations perspective, the innovation ecosystem is impacting public policies. Thanks, once again, to the mobile, which makes it possible to create new inclusive, connected and decentralized public services. Villagers living far from any administration can benefit from efficient public services, closer to citizens. Collateral benefit: a breaking of corruption. One of the most obvious examples is Rwanda where public administration is reinventing itself by organizing its own digital disruption. State administrative services have been digitized, and queues have been replaced by SMS thanks to an app created by the State, Irembo.
Also, in terms of infrastructure, there are more spaces for the creatives and entrepreneurs every year, there are 443 now in Africa according to World Bank, while 8 years ago there were only 10. The number of active tech hubs across Africa has grown by over 50%: from 314 in 2016. 442 hubs are now active on the continent and a dozen is due to launch in early 2018 localized in Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa…etc.
Emerging Business Factory – Marrakesh
These were very short insights about what’s happening recently in Africa, as the founder of, we believe that the continent story should be heard, even though it would be complicated to cover a huge continent and growing ecosystem at our actual level, but we would be happy to partner with anyone willing to multiply the efforts so Africa finds its own way.
Wired Africa 

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Amine Benkeroum
A 26 yo geek from Morocco, who loves innovation, startups, new technologies and meet smart people to improve my skills and build new technologies. Web developer, with +2 years experience in web development for big European companies, founder of Wired.Africa.


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