The traveller’s chronicles 3 : Bohemia in Prague


« Prague never lets you go… This dear litlle mother has sharp claws » – Franz Kafka


It’s our last day in Berlin, we are kind of missing it, but our next destination’s hype made us pack our luggage and go for the most famous and beautiful eastern European city, capital of Czech Republic and Franz Kafka’s natural born place: Prague.

We went at 6 AM to Berlin’s road station to catch the first bus heading to Dresden and Prague, passing by Czech’s outstanding landscapes and those frozen mountains going from Austria to the Bayern south side of Germany.

First landscape encountered upon my arrival in Prague

Finally arrived at 11 AM, we had enough time to exchange some Euros into Czech’s Krona which is really low compared to Euro and Dirham, as 1 Euro equals to 25, sometimes 26 Czech Krona.

After getting to the highest point of the city near the Strahov monastery where our hostel was located, we found out that our 7 euros per night double chamber was, in fact, a huge dormitory for foreign students.

At first, we had that little giggle that we might have booked in the wrong place, but after a while we realised that we were in one of the perfect districts of the city, as it is only 800 meters far from Charles’s bridge, the Kafka museum, and Prague’s Castle, one of the most memorable monuments of eastern Europe.

It was actually located near Prague’s garden that leads directly to the Lennon wall, a monument that was built to face wars oppression, racial genocides, and a clear representation of the free spiritual hippie movement that was occurring in the 60’s until the end of the 80’s. Our first day was mainly all about getting used to the surroundings of our accommodation place, and hopefully, most of the surroundings were absolutely stunning historical places, beautiful gardens, great pubs for late nights, and the Petrin tower, which was the highest panoramic view of all Prague.

John Lennon Wall…excuse my camera’s quality (It actually says « free love »)

Three days after visiting most of Prague’s districts, we decided to change our location to another side of the city. We took our backpacks early in the morning, and walked across Prague’s magnificent old town, decorated with colorful architectural buildings, jazz street bands and the crystal clear water river, the Danube.

Upon our arrival in the second hostel, we were received by a charming lady that wished us a great stay and a memorable experience in Prague, which was by far until that moment a lifetime trip.

A lovely tramway near the hostel’s location

After visiting by a sunny afternoon other memorable places in Prague’s east side, we had the chance to taste some of Czech’s culinary wonders, to know more about the local people’s habits, and a chance to discover the history of the city, before going back to the hostel and get to share experiences with the other travelers. T

he night we shared each other’s travels in was simply as magical as the last sunset we saw in the Capital of Bohemia, as Marius from Germany, Gregg from England, Raj from India, Sarah and Deejay from the Netherlands, Salim from Algeria, and Sam from Denmark and both of us Moroccan backpackers, decided to sing along folk and rock’s most famous songs until 4 in the morning.

Charles’s bridge, the city’s must-see     

The day after was, unfortunately, our last day in Prague, and I couldn’t help myself just to keep the promise to return someday for another unique experience in this city. But for that moment the adventure was meant to continue, to last for another magical and cultural Capital: Paris…


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Omar Jahfa

I’ve always thought that the gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands, to seek a worthwhile adventurous journey and to travel. Hopefully, traveling made me what I am, what I will always be, a dreamer, an adventurer, and most of all a storyteller and a blogger…


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