Venus : a female ruling planet

Venus , the firing hot queen of the solar system


Small petite frame, average silhouette, but a faceless woman, it was indeed some kind of unsorted portion , there has to be a secret behind that unmatched expression, those eyes that could spell flames , those wild brows pointing sharply to the world, those lips full of venom ready to immobilize their prey , and those hair waves gleaming like light. 

She was a mess between unshakable force and uproarious sensitivity, her social life was always on the line, new faces, new conversations, but they all vanish quietly as she does.

She was attempting to blend well with the world but it seems she couldn’t do it, and she knew it, but what she didn’t know was how extreme she was as a character.

People loved life, she loved death.

People were always anxious about their relationship life, she wasn’t even a little bit.

People worshiped perfection, she never was perfect.

People loved bragging about luxury, she didn’t because it was her worst image of life.

Luxuries that bend people’s wages down to apparently set foot on a more advanced social status, it was idiotic in her eyes.

She was unimpressed by how the world is starting to give credits to the image more than the real use of such creations.

The looks, the trend, the fashion are all like traditions, you’re following them without even knowing what’s up with them, just like a blind man trying to find its way.

She had eyes for discoveries, science, art, and books because they fed her soul well than any other thing, and what about love? There wasn’t a single thought on her brain about such a thing, a deserted heart but a pounding one, how does it still pound? It was self-love that kept her alive, her heart was healthy enough because it beats only for her, but who is she? She’s the mighty, the dazzling, the beautiful, the unique you, yes you the modern woman that gets all beat by how society expects you to be, you the powerful female that dares to live by her own rules in a world ruled by social media and filters , you the naked girl that loves her thighs, fat rolls and walks confidently by each passing mirror, you the headstrong shin all high kind of lady who dares to be independent in a world full of complaints and excuses, lastly to you the leader mom , the one who gives life, raises and works, you’re the power itself  .

These are some well-deserved words to any female proud to be one among us, this is to women who fought for the rights we have today, I thank you wholeheartedly because, without you, there wouldn’t be a future for us.

Finally, this is for the men who respect women despite the gender constructed wall between us, the wall that was made by misogynists either be it, women or men.

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