Why does Egypt have Its own magic?

Why does Egypt its own magic

« Why does Egypt has Its own magic? », you might wonder.

Egypt is, indeed, a country of glorious history. It embodies the oldest civilizations and the oldest cities. Despite the remarkable gap between the country’s resplendent past and gloomy present, Egypt has never failed to charm me with its magic. People’s pride of their past greatness keeps striking me whenever I have eye contact with an Egyptian.

Cairo & Alexandria

Cairo is officially the city of chaos. From a Moroccan’s point of view, everything is different there for the following reasons:
I lived there for 7 weeks, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to sleep because of the unbearable hear.
The 20 million population that lives in Cairo makes the city look overwhelmingly overcrowded. On top of that, there’s no such a thing as « Birth-Control ». A man can have up to a football team of children, and still send them to work instead of school. (Seems like Egypt’s women are more fertile than the land itself).

The streets are so messy, no pedestrian crossing. There could be an accident but they can just pretend nothing happened and move on. No police to organize the traffic. Or you could just throw yourself in the middle of the street and keep praying that no car hits you until you arrive to the other side of the street. These are just facts.

I am not denying that there are lot of beautiful places to visit in Cairo: like Pyramids in Giza and The Egyptian Museum. If you head to the north, you find Alexandria, not very different from Cairo, except that it is a coastal city. So It is usually colder there and the Mediterranean sea view from there is so amazing.

South Sinai

To go to South Sinai, you cross a lot of check points, One of them is a border. It was then when I realized that we were in Asia and not Africa anymore. I saw lot of beautiful things in there. If you go to Sharm El-Sheikh you can see the borders with Saudi Arabia. The common fun activities there are Snorkeling and Scuba-diving in the red sea. I tried Scuba diving in Neam Bay in Sharm and Snorkeling in The blue Hole in Dahab. I also did hiking in Saint Catherine and It was worth the efforts to climb that mountain for a glorious sunrise landscape.

Luxor & Aswan

Luxor has the history of Egypt, It is litteraly the old Egypt.  You can see where and how Pharaos used to live. You can see their culture and their beliefs. Checking the map I saw a lake named « Nasser Lake » and since my last name is Nasser, I felt like I need to visit It. On the way I had to step in Aswan. By the way, Luxor and Aswan are both on the Nile River, on the train you can just enjoy the road with all that green near the Nile. Anyways, the nile ends in Nasser Lake from the south side, and there you can find Sudan borders.


It is also a coastal city on the red sea. I dodn’t go to Hurghada Exactly but a little bit better place, Called Elgouna, Its a touristic village with lot of bridges, It means the sea is everywhere in the town, There are lot of private beaches where your mindset just becomes tropical. So yeah! Like every country, there is a good side and a bad side.

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